Academy of Mandarin Immersion


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Sample Menu

Menu Notes

Example of a detailed menu:

Breakfast: Scramble eggs, walnut, asian Pear and apples

Lunch: Bean Curd with pork patty

Snack: Lentil curls, kiwi, and apples.



Drinking water is encouraged frequently through out the day.  Soy milk is served at breakfast.

Rice 米飯 - Brown rice only

Chicken 雞湯/Pork bone 排骨湯/Beef bone Soup 牛肉湯

Cooked from organic ingredients.  Most of our dishes use this homemade broth.

Bacon and Ham

We do not use product with nitrate.


Our organic pork comes directly from farmers' market vendor to ensure freshness.  The source of our chicken is typically from Whole Foods and some times Costco.  

Vegetables and Fruits

We try our best to purchase our ingredients from the farmer’s market and/or as organic as we can.  The ingredients are picked at its peak time for maximum nutrition.

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