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AMI (博仁雙語學院) is founded with the goals to care for the total child and to provide the parents with parenting resources while maintaining a bilingual Chinese Mandarin Immersion preschool environment.

We start with the basics by providing the best meals (breakfast, lunch and snack) for your child to build a healthy body as the foundation for many years of growth. The meals are cooked fresh on-site using as many organic ingredients as possible. We include ethics & principles 品德教育 classes to guide your child to become a good citizen in our society. Our curriculum is well-balanced in academic routines and play-based experiences. With a maximum of twenty-three students and four full-time teachers, we cater to individual student’s learning style. The result of our whole child approach gives your child a head start in their growing years.

(2 years old – entry to 1st grade)

About Us

Mission and Philosophy

Mission and Philosophy

Quality child care comes from quality people

AMI (博仁雙語學院) is careful in selecting our staff. Our teachers are passionate about early child development. They are dedicated to provide a balanced Mandarin Immersion environment. Our goal is to foster each child through mind, body, and soul in a nurturing and supportive learning environment. Through AMI, students will be academically, socially, and emotionally prepared to excel in their elementary years.



AMI is committed to ensure that students become proficient in both English and Mandarin while developing the whole child by offering curriculum that is balanced with these qualities:

  • Experience based (touching, moving, listening, seeing, and hearing)
  • Academic instructions
  • Self-help
  • Problem solving
  • Independent choices
  • Encouraged exploration



AMI offers breakfast, snack, and lunch based on these principles:

  • Use as many fresh organic ingredients as possible
  • Minimize ingredients with gluten
  • Minimize ingredients with casein
  • Strive for nutritiously balanced meals

AMI is not guaranteeing the complete absence of gluten and casein or providing 100% organic meals; however, we strive to reach our goals.

AMI is NOT a nuts and seeds free zone!  In order to provide a balanced menu while avoiding gluten and casein, replacement that contains nuts and/or seeds will be used.

**If your child might have a food allergy, please have an allergy test to make sure that we are the appropriate school for your child.**

AMI encourages children with fun outdoor activities and conducts mini-exercises every morning.



AMI is dedicated to guide students by using the Principles & Value program (non-religious).  Each learning unit in the Principles & Value program is based on teaching students respect, love, and a sense of appreciation for the environment and for all cultures.

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Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, close to West San Jose, Cupertino, Campbell, Saratoga and Santa Clara, we are ready to support busy working parents.

博仁雙語學院 is a trusted partner for your child!